Internal Medicine

We provide specialist medical consultants in the following areas: Allergy and immunology, Cardiology (Hypertension), Endocrinology, Gastroenterology (digestive system disorders), Infectious diseases, Nephrology, Medical Oncology, Pulmonology and Rheumatology.

Obstetrics and Gynaecological Services

We are well equipped for advanced delivery and feto-maternal care with our team of O&G consultants and well trained midwives always on ground to provide a safe net for delivery of new born babies.
Baby and mum are safe here!

Neo-natal/Paediatric Services

We are equipped with state of the act neo-natal intensive care equipment for management of pre-term babies. Our service scope covers; incubator service, photo therapies, exchange blood transfusion and paediatric, etc. Our daily Paediatric Clinics supervised by Consultant Paediatrician makes our facility a Baby-Friendly centre.

Dental Care

We offer you and your entire family exceptional dental care. Our professional full-service dentistry paired with our outstanding patient care is a winning combination.

Advanced Laparoscopy Surgery Services

Laparoscopy surgeries (Pin hole surgeries) are carried out in our well equipped 3D theatres. With over 2,000 cases raging from: laparoscopy and dye test, laparoscopy-myomectomy, hysterectomy, adhesiolysis, tubal cannulation and hysteroscopic-myomectomy, etc done in our centre.

Orthopaedic Services

Patient with the following cases; Arthritis, Neck/back pain management, Trauma/Fractures, Osteomyelitis (Bone Infection), Wound/Ulcer care including diabetic foot, Club foot and other skeletal Abnormalities, Arthroscopy, Spine Surgeries, Joint Replacement Surgeries. Angular Deformities – Gene Varum (Bow Leg), Gene Valgum ("K" Leg), are efficiently managed in our centre. We also provide Hip & Knee Replacement service for patient who require them.

Neurosurgical Services

We provide specialist management and surgery in the following areas: Management of Babies with big heads, Management of Myelomeningocele (swelling at the back), Neck pain, Spinal cord injuries, Brain Tumours, Low back pain and Head injuries.

Laboratory Services

We run a Fully Automated Laboratory providing services in: Chemistry Analysis, Heamathology Analysis, Video Semen Analysis, 4D & 3D Ultrasound Investigations, Culture and Sensitivity test and Hormone Profile test. Our team of well trained Scientists are there to give you a wonderful experience.


With our well equipped Intensive Care Unit, we provide services such as, ICU Care, Arterial Blood Gas Analysis, Mechanical Ventilation, Multi purpose cardiac monitoring (IBP, ICP, CVP), Automated External Defribrillation (AED) and 24 hours Ambulance Service. Our dedicated ICU staff are ready to save life at all cost.


We offer Adult & Paediatric Digital Eye Examination, Presciption of Spectacle & Contact Lenses, Sale of Sunglasses and Fashion Eye wear, Visual Field Examination, Fundus Photography, Management of Surgical Cataract Patients, Eye Health Education & Community Development Services, Glaucoma Screening & Management.

Other Services Include:

  • Ultrasound Studies
  • In-house Pharmacy
  • Immunization
  • X-Ray Services
  • NHIS
  • HIV Counselling
  • Assisted Conception - (Artificial Insemination, IVF, ICSI)
  • Family Medicine
  • Community Health and Preventive Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Mental Health
  • Counseling services
  • Telemedicine services.